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About Luminara

Luminara Candles, an invention of Walt Disney's creators

Luminara Candles were originally designed by Walt Disney set designers for the filming of the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

The candles have a beautiful, slow-moving flame with a soft warm glow, so true to reality that it portrays the feeling of real candlelight. They move simply by use of a magnet inside the base of the light.

With Luminara candles you do not have to worry about the danger of a fire, or running candles in lanterns or candlesticks.

Each Luminara candle comes with a remote control. The remote control is an added plus, making it easy to light and extinguish several lights in your home simultaneously.

Candles can also be set with a timer. In this case, they are lit for 5 hours and then turned off automatically for 19 hours, after which the process is repeated.

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